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Crowd with Masks

Vaccination Administration: 

Create a safe workplace


On-site Vaccinations encourage employee engagement

Rivi's Employee Vaccination Program works in three steps:

  1. Click here to Schedule the Rivi BoosterBus 
    Create a convenient and comfortable environment for your employees to get their vaccine shots. Employees can register ahead of time. 

  2. Vaccine Diary Cards are given to all employees in your organization.
    This card is used by the employee to keep track of their vaccine journey. QR codes enable employers to verify the doses. 

  3. Vaccination Coupons, issued by the health department, are sent to the organization. The organization issues the coupons to their employees. The employees can now go to any pharmacy or vaccination site and get vaccinated. Once vaccinated, a Badge Label is issued by the vaccinator. The badge label is a QR code that has the information about the dose and the employee. 

What about privacy?

Rivi's unique system, developed in conjunction with MIT's PathCheck initiative, does not retain any private information. In addition, Personal Identity Information does not go to a central data base. 

How it works
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