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The Team


Matt Brown, Co-Founder
Matt's major focus is on developing & building intuitive user experiences. He’s built many commerce sites for businesses and worked with early-stage startups. Along with founding Prividee, previously Matt worked at SAP in Boston within their Hybris group, developing a platform that creates engaging retail experiences for consumers. Matt also works at Dante Labs in Rome, where he started out developing a system to harness gene sequencing data, but has switched to organizing large scale pandemic testing systems. 


Steve Brown, Advisor
Steve is the rare data scientist that has a creative flair. Steve leads the engineering team, and has a deep level of experience in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Steve has a PhD in Computational Mathematics, and has worked on a diverse number of initiatives like eCommerce optimization, space flight control systems, pharmaceutical drug discoveries, and eCommerce solutions. 

Steve was a founder and CTO of SeeWhy, where he what in charge of development and maintenance of the real time BI platform, e-commerce application development (using BI platform) and integration with e-commerce solutions. SeeWhy was acquired by SAP.

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