The Team


Tracy Jean-Chronberg, Co-Founder

The idea for Rivi came as an offshoot to Prividee, Tracy and Matt's first startup, which enables private communication between strangers while maintaining anonymity and privacy. Seeing that contract tracing was a natural extension of Prividee, Rivi was born. In the past, Tracy has founded a financial services marketing company & Where to Eat magazine (both acquired). She also started an e-commerce site for importing wool bedding from Australia. Tracy is also a principal in Diamond Energy Acquisition Group,
a fund that focuses on domestic mineral rights acquisition. 


Matt Brown, Co-Founder
Matt's major focus is on developing & building intuitive user experiences. He’s built many commerce sites for businesses and worked with early-stage startups. Along with founding Prividee, previously Matt worked at SAP in Boston within their Hybris group, developing a platform that creates engaging retail experiences for consumers. Matt also works at Dante Labs in Rome, where he started out developing a system to harness gene sequencing data, but has switched to organizing large scale pandemic testing systems. 


Steve Brown, Advisor
Steve is the rare data scientist that has a creative flair. Steve leads the engineering team, and has a deep level of experience in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Steve has a PhD in Computational Mathematics, and has worked on a diverse number of initiatives like eCommerce optimization, space flight control systems, pharmaceutical drug discoveries, and eCommerce solutions. 

Steve was a founder and CTO of SeeWhy, where he what in charge of development and maintenance of the real time BI platform, e-commerce application development (using BI platform) and integration with e-commerce solutions. SeeWhy was acquired by SAP.