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Register with Rivi and in less than five minutes you will become a part of a centralized Covid contact tracing network that will enable contact tracing to happen quickly and effectively. 

You will receive a customized QR code that guests can scan and check-in in less
than 30 seconds.There is
an optional direct link to
your menu or website. 

Rivi is an independent
business. All information
is 100% private and anonymous
for the customer and the business.

Keep lockdowns at bay

According to statistical modeling by Oxford's Nuffield Department of Medicine and Alphabet Inc., if 15% of the population actively participated in contact tracing along with a well-staffed contact-tracing workforce, it can lead to a 15% drop in infection rates and an 11% drop
in COVID-19 deaths.

Free trial 

Sign up and start using Rivi free for 14 days. Should you like to continue the service, the cost is $24.99/mo, billed monthly, or $249/year.  No credit card is needed to get started. 

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