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Contact Tracing Program
Creating a safe environment for customers and employees


Rivi's unique Contact Tracing service is a community-based approach achieves efficient contact tracingby letting you collect your customer's basic contact info, which goes into the Rivi database, enabling immediate tracking and notification of possible exposure,both to individuals and the location. 
Rivi is free to individuals, and is 100% private and anonymous
for both customers and businesses. 

How it works

How Rivi Contact Tracing Works

Businesses subscribe to the Rivi Network. As a part of the network, they have an easy, organized system to keep track of customers. Rivi's east-to-use interface takes minutes
to set up. 

Customers feel more secure knowing they are in a business that cares. 

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When someone visits Rivi locations, they simply register by scanning a QR code. Should one test positive for Covid 19, then a notification is sent via Rivi that will alert the locations and others who have been in the same vicinity of a possible exposure. 

Personal information remains anonymous. 

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Positive test
result, Rivi


alerts sent

Rivi locations

Check-in notification

Alert notification

Rivi Base
Community cares

Become part of the solution.

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Let's work together to keep everything working

Rivi helps you manage the uncomfortable burden of asking customers for their contact information by taking the responsibility from the front line employees and works with your existing QR code system. This saves time and money.  According to a study by Oxford University, if 60% of a population actively participates in contact tracing, you can save lives, reduce the number of people who need to quarantine and safely come out of lockdown. 

Roll with Rivi and everyone benefits

The United States will need approximately 300,000 contact tracers to handle the Covid19 crisis at a cost of over $180 Million per week. Much of this cost will be offset to the states and local communities, many of which are already experiencing economic worries. 
For example, Massachusetts needs about 2,100 contact tracers which costs the state nearly $2M per week

Contract tracing is only effective if those in contact with the spreader are contacted within the first three days. It's a fact that the sooner you reach someone and they get treatment, the better they are going to do. 

Rivi is the solution 
For businesses and organizations, it's easy and cost-effective to join the Rivi network. By working together with businesses, restaurants, schools, hospitals, municipalities and more, Rivi can provide a sense of security for everyone.  

Contact us today: or 617 501 1749

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